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You See I Am No Ghost lyrics

You See I Am No Ghost

Marian Tells of the Engagement

(The formal gardens, Limmeridge House.
Morning. An autumnal feel.
The first leaves dropping from the trees.
A servant escorts Hartright to Marian.
Hartright enters)

Anne: Walter Hartright. I remember you.

Walter: are you of this world? Have i imagined you?

Anne: You see i am no ghost before you
I am flesh and blood believe your eyes
Kind sir, my name is anne, Anne Catherick
and believe my words, i tell no lies
Limmeridge was my home in child hood, though i didnt live here long
locked away while still a girl although i did nothing wrong
imprisoned in a dark Asylum by a man of guile and treachery
a triple theif of lives, i vow it
though he thinks that he can silence me, i told you that i had a secret, one i cannot share with you
i must find the one i seek to spare her what i've been through!
Ill tell you of my cruel tormenter!
when i think of him, im filled with shame
ill tell you who he is this instant if you swear you wont forget his name

Walter: I swear

Anne: Sir Percival Glyde. Sir Percival Glyde

Walter: Sir Percival Glyde. (she runs) No please wait!

Marian: Mr. Hartright, there's a very private matter we must speak of right away-

Hartright: Pay it isn't serious?

Marian: This is hard for me to say.
In the days before you came here you were out of money out of spirits then?

Hartright: I was down but rarely out of spirits.
You'd have found me in a Holborn drinking den.

Marian: Then it's safe to say you value your position?

Hartright: More than anything at all.

Marian: Since we both were children
Laura sometimes sleepwalks
I would wake and find her
On the stair unaware of how she got there
More than her half sister
I am her whole family
And I must protect her.

Hartright: What reason do you tell me this?

Marian: I know, sir, what your secret is.

Hartright: I have no secrets here.

Marian: My sister is engaged!
To a man of sterling character
A titled man of property-
A man her father chose.

Hartright: What?

Marian: It was my duty to tell you this.

Hartright: (shocked) Then Laura will marry another?

Marian: You must crush all feelings for her.
There can be no hope of any attachment.
No hope of any future... I'm sorry if this hurts you.

Hartright: Are you sorry, Miss Halcomb?

Marian: What do you mean?

Hartright: (pointedly at her) Perhaps I"m not the only one with secrets.
Feelings that I'd rather hide.

Marian: You are most unkind. You should go, you've said enough.
I'm doing this to help you, to save you from yourself.

(He goes to go, stops, turns)

Hartright: I'd like to know his name.

Marian: His name is not your business.

Hartright: (impassioned) Please let me know his name.

Marian: His name is Glyde. Sir Percival Glyde.

Sir Percival Glyde Arrives

(The next day. Mr. Fairlie's study.
Laura and Marian wait with their uncle.
A servant announces Sir Percival Glyde's arrival)

Servant: Sir Percival Glyde.

(Glyde is a handsome, aristocratic, elegant man in his early to middle thirties.
His manner is easy and charming)

Glyde: With all my heart
I'm glad to be here

Mr. Fairlie: Sir Percival Glyde
Here in this house
You're always welcome

Glyde: (to Fairlie) The picture of health!
I've never seen you look so well sir.

Mr. Fairlie: Is he talking to me?

Glyde: You're such a hale and a hearty fellow.

Marian: You, sir, it's true, are a tonic.
It does us good to see you.

Glyde: Thank you my friend, and me-you.
But Laura my dear
Second to non you're the one I miss most
It's perfectly clear
With all my heart
I need you
Which brings me to my purpose
Why must we wait till spring?

Laura: What?

Glyde: Let's have a Christmas wedding
And the joy that it would bring us
(to Laura) My home and heart are ready
So now it's up to you.

(A pause)

Laura: It was my father's dying wish and I will do as I have promised to.

Glyde: In all of this world
There's not a man as thrilled as I am
Or lucky as I.
No on this earth is a man more joyful.

Marian and Mr. Fairlie: Sir Percival Glyde!
Good luck to you and your bride.

Glyde: My dearest friend Count Fosco
Shall act as our best man
You'll see he has no better
When you meet tonight
and there's no better plan!

Marian: Sir Percival Glyde!

Glyde: (to Marian) You from this day shall be my sister.

Marian: With pleasure and pride!

Glyde: And we shall see that our home is your home.

Mr. Fairlie: There's nothing to decide.
My niece will marry Glyde.
A Christmas wedding
Is where we're heading
And Marian will go
And live with them, no fear
The instant she becomes his spouse
They both will exit Limm'ridge House
Which will be quiet as a mouse
At last I'll like it here!

Fosco Arrives

(Later the same day Count Fosco arrives at Limmeridge House.
He is a big bear of a man - in his fifties, with an Italian accent.
He is impeccably dressed.
His luggage includes various bird and animal cages.
He pulls a mouse seeminly out of the air and addresses it.)

Fosco: Well my friend at least we have arrived
It seems that I was born to be a house guest
You might choose this moment to get out of sight
For now, they need not know they have a mouse guest.

(He kisses the mouse and then places it in his pocket. Marian arrives to greet him)

Fosco: I am please to meet the blushing bride.

Marian: Actually, I'm just the blushing bridesmaid.

Fosco: Pardon me it's just that you're so beautiful
Which is why I thought you might be Glyde's maid.

Marian: There's no mistaking you're Count Fosco!

Fosco: I've a reputation that proceeds me?

Marian: I am Laura's sister sent to welcome you.

Fosco: (kissing her hand) May I nibble on the hand that feeds me?

Marian: You may dine on any single you wish
Though I'd wait for dinner we are serving fish.

Fosco: There's no time to sate my many appetites.

Marian: You might consider taking smaller bites.

Fosco: It's so very kind of you to have me here.

Marian: You, sir, add some interest to the atmosphere

Fosco: I detect a fire beneath your prim veneer

(A dinner bell rings)

Marian: I regret there's not more time to tarry

Fosco: But I presume that we'll resume this thrust and parry!

(He smiles at her, winks. She shows him in. Servants arrive and remove his luggage)

The Evening That Goes Wrong

(After dinner the same evening.
The drawing room. Laura is playing the piano,
with Sir Percival Glyde sitting close to her.
Marian, Mr. Fairlie, Fosco, and
Walter Hartright are looking on.
Hartright sits on his own in a corner of the room.
Laura finishes playing and there is enthusiastic applause led by Fosco)

Fosco: Bravissima, my dear! You play like an angel.

Laura: I play only moderately well.

Fosco: My dear, don't hide your light!
If you have talents, you must flaunt them!

Marian: Pray sir, what are your talents?
Perhaps I could persuade you to come out from under your bushel?
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