Woman In White review

Woman In White Review - Broadway musical

In contrast to the critics, the audience unanimously warm received a new musical. But its success was not that long – a year and a half on the British scene and three months on Broadway. Since 2013, there are rumors about its resurrection, but until now, the work wasn’t started yet. Most likely, the fall of the interest of the public for more than ten years ago was affected by three things.

First, this spectacular was a theatrical adaptation of well-known major British detective novel. Moreover, this novel was with some mystical component and with a difficult approach in the presentation of the context. The musical’s narration was straightforward. There was no need to viewer to think out of the plot and to put puzzles into the single picture. Not everyone liked these innovations occurred for simplification. The basic idea was fully preserved, though delivered differently. It is the film adaptations, which more likely to cause contradictory audience’s success. Some people are willing to accept the brought novelty. Others may consider it blasphemy in relation to the author of the book.

Secondly, Michael Crawford’s beginning of the act in his famous fat suit in the role of Count Fosco was forced to cancel his participation due to illness. He was replaced by not so eminent actor. Maria Friedman was also absents at the time of his illness, and play sometimes was left without the two main stars-performers.

Thirdly, not all viewers perceived three-dimensional images as real ones. Many noted that staging was not too synchronized with actors from all angles of the hall, and that is why they constantly were perceived as pictures, rather than the real things.

The spectacular is worth viewing for every classic lover and fan of musicals by A. Lloyd-Webber. Fans of Maria Friedman will see something new & unusual in the classical interpretation. The play has a very interesting stage design: instantly changing scenery and noteworthy three-dimensional cylindrical screen. Excellent costumes, reverent attitude to repel the depicted era also demand respect. During previews, from the musical show have been removed all the points that were perceived badly, were not heard or difficult to see in the large hall. So the basic play, submitted to the public, was well-verified product of the entertainment industry, and part of the soul of creators.

Work continued for 2 years. The authors have adapted the novel for the stage. As a result, it turned out only singing, without dialogues between the characters is the accompaniment. The prologue was interspersed with the idea of Charles Dickens about a switchman. On the main roles were invited stars Maria Friedman and Michael Crawford.
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