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Gift for Living Well lyrics

Gift for Living Well

Fosco: No, no, no! Well, if you insist.

Fosco: I am a man
Of medicine
No opera star,
(with passion) My voice is thin
Though I play cards
And violin
At none of these do I excel.

The talent that
I have in spades
Is one for fun
And escapades
A gift for living well
Attracted to the lively arts
Breaking bread, breaking hearts.

(He looks at Marian)

Making love, when love has me spellbound.

(He takes some wine from a servant, fills his glass)

Italian food
The wines of France
I never walk when I can dance

(A small pirouhette for the ladies)

A gift for living well

A one man band
I sing the lead
Alwasy self-accompanied

(He plays a few chords on the piano)

I concede probably I'm hellbound

A bon vivant
As you can see
A lust for life as big as me!
A gift for living well.

Fosco: But enough about me! Raise your glasses

(Fosco raises his glass to the bride and groom)

Fosco: Sir Percival Glyde!

All: (raising their glasses) Oh what a joyous occasion this is!
Sir Percival Glyde!

Fosco: Dolce vita to you and your Mrs.!

Glyde: This is the moment I've longed for.

Marian: Everything's for the best now.

Mr. Fairlie: I'll have an empty nest now.

All: And here's to the bride!
Cheers for the life they will lead from now...

(Hartright suddenly interrupts the toast - addresses Sir Percival Glyde)

Hartright: Please let me speak
And forgive my interruption
Please hear me out
On a very pressing matter
One that concerns a girl
Her name is Anne, Anne Cath'rick
She says you've done her wrong
Have you an explanation?

Mr. Fairlie: What impertinence! Mr. Hartright, know your place sir!

Glyde: No, no, Mr. Fairlie, I am glad that he asked this. Please, please.
I am happy to clear up the matter of Anne Catherick...

Glyde: Her tale is truly sorrowful
And some would say a tragedy
Her story breaks my heart
I don't know where to start
Her mother was in my employ
(to Mr. Fairlie) Your brother recommended her
Recall, she worked here too?

Mr. Fairlie: Catherick? I'm not sure that I do.

Glyde: Anne was so sweet as an infant
She used to laugh all the time
She sparkled like the sun
Such a pretty one
Yet she grew up so unhappy
Sullen and angry and sad
She was a troubled child
Acting strange and wild
She once attacked her mother
When she was just sixteen
A fury with no pause
No one knew the cause
To help her grieving mother
And rescue Anne herself
I undertook her care
I tried to see her through
It was the Christian thing to do

When no physician could treat her
I found a haven that would
A trusted private place
To embrace her case
Anne thinks of me as her captor
When I am truly her friend
For all her care I pay
Still she runs away.

(Fosco who appears moved by the story shakes Glyde by the hand)

Fosco: I'm touched by your compassion
Your kindness knows no bounds.

Glyde: I've done the best I can
I've done my best for Anne.

(Once again Hartright speaks up)

Hartright: She spoke sir of a secret
A secret she would tell.

Glyde: Her world has come to be utter fantasy
But her safe return
Is my great concern
And I am grateful for
Your help.

Laura: Poor Anne.
Her story saddens me.

Marian: Yet it explains the mystery.

Fosco: Had it not been for Glyde
I'm sure she would have died.

Mr. Fairlie: No more please!
Neither Anne Catherick nor her silly mother are any of your business, sir.
And once more, my nerves are quite shot.

Fosco: Then a shot of brandy is what I prescribe, Signor!

Mr. Fairlie: Yes, let us retire at once to my study, gentlemen.

(Glyde, Fosco, and Mr. Fairlie leave. Glyde bows his thanks again to Hartright)

Glyde: Thank you, sir.

(Hartright is left with the two women)

Hartright: I don't believe him
Can't you see he's clearly lying
As for your uncle
It's the truth that he's denying.

Marian: Sir, you must leave at once.
You must go right away.

Laura: But, Marian-

Marian: What reason has he to lie?
How can you hope to stay here?

Laura: Please Marian-

Marian: Laura our future is settled
Soon you'll be Lady Glyde
You'll have a perfect life
As that fine man's wife
He is a man of compassion
Look how he helped that poor girl
He has integrity
He's all a man should be!

(Laura looks to Hartright)

Hartright: I clearly don't belong here
Your sister is quite right
I leave for London now!

(Laura runs out, upset)

Hartright: (to Marian) Are you happy now?

(He exits. Marian left alone crumples, begins to cry)

Marian: I close my eyes and I still see his face.

(She exits)

The Tryst

(Hartright is there with his bags and easel, departing.
Laura enters in haste, wearing a white nightdress)

Laura: Tell me this isn't happening. Tell me I'm walking in my sleep.

Hartright: I'm sorry.

Laura: I believe my heart
It believes in you

Laura and Hartright: Ev'ry part of ev'ry thought leads me straight to you.

(She gives him the sketch that he gave to her in the drawing lesson)

Laura: Take this...something to remember me by.

(He leaves)
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