Act I Finale lyrics - Woman In White

Act I Finale lyrics

Act I Finale

She's not here!

Have faith! She will come.

Laura (startled):
What's that?

Hush! Be calm.

(Anne appears to them. Laura and Anne gaze in awe at each other)

I look at you and see myself

I look at you and see myself

Laura and Anne:
So strange and yet so true
I see my soul in you

Almost my living replica

It's true!

Our every move so similar

So much like you!

My face but with years of strain

Laura and Anne (to one another):
Your eyes reveal such pain

It's like I've known you all my life
At last it's safe to hope again

Somehow you complete me
I know I can trust you
Here with you
I am safe at last
You were there
You were always there
Like your heart
Beats within my heat
And the truth
It can set us free

Now that we're together
We must help each other

(Suddenly gunshots are heard and the strange sound of hunting horns)

I hear them coming
They've come to lock me up!
Don't let them catch me!
Don't let them take me back!

(She starts to run. The women follow her.)

Marian and Laura:
Wait! Anne- Anne we will help you!

(Sir Percival appears with servants)

The one in white!
She must not get away again.

Glyde (to Laura and Marian):
I thank you both
For having led me straight to her!

(Men try to capture Anne. She turns on Laura)

You have betrayed me!
You have set a trap here!

No, no believe me!

Curse you, Lady Glyde!

Take her back to the asylum!

(The men grab for her. She tries to escape, but is caught again.)

Anne (to Glyde):
You may lock me up forever
But I will set my secret free!
You can't stop me
Now I'll tell the whole world what you did to me!

Shut up her mouth and her horrible lies!

(The men try to gag her.)

Let her go!

Count Fosco, you've got to help us!

(Fosco goes to Anne. She struggles, screaming. He injects her with a sedative. She faints into the arms of the men- her captors.)

I'm sorry, but the woman was a danger to herself.
I had no choice. It is the best way. I am a doctor

(Sir Percival and Fosco exit with Anne and the other men. The two women are left, shivering and afraid.)

We are powerless at the hands of these men!

(Marian puts her arms round her sister)

We will not be victims, Laura.
We will right this wrong.

(The two remain as the light fades and a thunderstorm rumbles somewhere in the distance)
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