All for Laura lyrics - Woman In White

All for Laura lyrics

All for Laura

Here the voices
Keeping me awake
Will i ever sleep again
Reassing everything i've done
Choices i can't explain

All for laura this is what i prayed
All for laura, have i betrayed you
With our old life forever out of reach
Look what i've lead you to,
God forgive me
Look at what i've done
Look at how i protected you
All for laura shouldn't i have know
I know one thing we are alone now
I sent away the man, the man we could trust
The only man we both love

All for laura, was it you who i was thinking of
All for laura, but at the start
Were you formost in my heart

All for laura, that's how i'll live
'Till i save, 'till you forgive me
I'll dedicate my life i swear upon my soul
I find way to set you free.

All for laura, till my dying breath as long as your in need of me
I will some how learn to be strong
I will live to right this wrong

I will help you
I can help you both
He must never win again
I can trust you and
I have way we can stop this evil man

Its amazing i see her face

I have come here to save your sister

Oh thank you

Tomorrow this time bring her to me
But promise that you'll be alone
I've a secret and when told it will surely bring him down

Tell me now please

Only for laura

Count fosco:
Miss halcome forgive me i didn't mean to startle your.
I saw your room was empty i thought you must be out here counting your english sheep.
Deco benie

I couldn't sleep.

Count fosco:
Wandering about in the dark and without an aid of the court.
You english ladies are so reclous with your midnight fliting.
You must allow me to accompny you homw

There is no need.

Count fosco:
Take my arm.

Thank you.

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