I Believe My Heart lyrics - Woman In White

I Believe My Heart lyrics

I Believe My Heart


Whenever i look at you
The world disappears
All in a single glance so revealing
You smile and i feel as though
I've known you for years
How do i know to trust what i'm feeling?

I believe my heart
What else can i do
When ev'ry part of ev'ry thought
Leads me straight to you

I believe my heart
There's no other choice
For now whenever
My heart speaks
I can only hear your voice


The lifetime before we met
Has faded away
How did i live a moment without you?
You don't have to speak at all
I know what you'd say
And i know every secret about you

I believe my heart
It believes in you
It's teling me
That what i see
Is completely true
I believe my heart
How can it be wrong
It says that what i feel for you
I will feel my whole life long


I believe my heart
And it believes in you
It's telling me
That what i see
Is completely true

And with all my soul
I belive my heart
The portrait that it paints of you
Is a perfect work of art

(he takes the sketch that he has made of her and gives it to her)


I'm afraid it doesn't do you justice

(marian watches them. She realizes what is happening.
There is no time for her to react however as)

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