Woman In White synopsis

Woman In White synopsis

Woman In White Synopsis - Broadway musical

Art lecturer Walter beholds a girl in achromatic attire at the train depot. He shares this vision to the switchman. Latter one is frightened – it is predicted that within a year, at this very same daytime, anybody will die on this depot.

Walter gets acquainted with fresh classmen – Marian & a sister of her, Laura. Laura is the successor to the mansion in the town nearby. Walter tells girls he has seen a lady in achromatic attire & people decide to decompose the whodunit. Marian retrieves mention of girl named Anne in the letters of her deceased mother. A girl looked like her daughter & that’s why became her patron. In gratitude, Anne vowed to dress only in white robes. Now, Walter understands why seen by him stranger reminded Laura.

Both girls fall in love with the teacher. He reciprocates to Laura. The difference in social status does not entitle them to reveal their feelings. Laura is engaged to Percival Glyde, a wealthy man working with real estate. He arrives in the town. Talking to Laura, a man introduces himself as long-time friend of Marian. Laura agrees to marry. The happening upsets Walter. He crosses with Anne at the local cemetery & the girl says that Percival has imprisoned her in a madhouse. Dejected, Walter departs from the town. Laura marries Percival. At the wedding is present count Fosco, a close friend of a groom.

After the wedding, Marian comes to mansion of Laura & Percival. Laura is not too pleased to see her. It turns out that her husband was looking only benefit in a marriage – this gave him the opportunity to settle his debts. Percival asks Laura to sign some papers without looking. She refuses. A Marian overhears a conversation of Percival & Fosco, from which it is clear that Percival wants to inherit the estate of his wife. Marian makes plans how to save his sister. Falling asleep with thoughts about it, she was awakened by Fosco. He said that Laura, suffering from nocturnal sleepwalking, fell dead out of a window. Unable to participate in such dramatic events, Fosco leaves. The funeral is undertaken.

In London, Walter Hartright ran out of funds: he gives the last penny to a vagabond. He learns about the perdition of his beloved. Marian arrives to work together to try to find out the secret about Anne. The threads lead to Fosco. Arriving at the address, they find out the location of Anne. Finding a clinic for the mentally ill, they discover there not Anne, but Laura. It turns out, Percival Glyde replaced her, killed Anne & buried a girl in the grave of his wife.

Percival receives documents on inheritance. The task of Walter, Laura & Marian – is to return the mansion of Laura as fast as possible. To scare Percival & to make him confess, Laura wears Anne’s white clothes. Frightened, he confesses. Riding train knocks Percival Glyde down dead. Switchman’s prophecy comes true – on the specified day at the station, they actually find the corpse. Laura marries the beloved Walter & regains inheritance.
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