The Trial lyrics - Tale of Two Cities, A

The Trial lyrics

The Trial

Attorney General
Your honourable lordship
The prisoner you see here
Must be of no earthly good or else he wouldn't be here!
While he was aboard ship
His traitorous mission
Was noticed by many through his shameless exhibition.

Thank god for law and order!

There is no greater liquidator in the land!
As men of business we prevail

Though they object to paying taxes to feed those who lax in jail.

We vote for practicality
And feel the proper place for criminals

Is dangling from a tree.

This fella's a goner he'll never get let off

And they love to see it when they get to cut a head off.

Attorney General
I call mr. Barsad
A witness to treason
A man who is here for purely patriotic reason.

He's the biggest cheat in town
Testifyin' for the crown
He'll be lyin' up and down

Thank god for mr. Barsad.
Thank god he did his best withstood the test and gave it all he had.
A fine example to us all

Attorney General
Why if the english, like the romans honored men of public good

He's have a statue twelve feet tall!

As funds are tight this year it does appear he'll only get a bust
We trust that he will just make do

On deck i was strolling
I noticed this frenchman
And he didn't seem like any ordinary henchman
He looked very honest
But i would discover
That he was a book where you must look inside the cover
He laid down his top coat
And out of his pocket
Came tumbling papers which have sent him to the docket
I thought i'd be helpful
I bent and retrieved them
And my eyes beheld such a sight
I thought the night deceived them

Attorney General
They were military lists

Troop positions, strength and plans

Attorney General
You could not imagine how they were found in foreign hands

I'm an ordinary man just a trusting type of guy

But it seemed to him/me this man was the foulest kind of spy!

Jury we see no sense in lenience
We must dispatch the ones we catch without delay

Offenders must not go scott free!

Jury on crimes both big and small
The axe must fall with uniformity women
Though crimes may vary by degree

It makes more sense to have one penalty for everything, you see,
That's true equality and who could disagree

There isn't a loyal brit with half a wit
Who'd dare to disagree

With that!

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