The Bluff lyrics - Tale of Two Cities, A

The Bluff lyrics

The Bluff

My first card is an ace. I'm certain you'll agree.
Concerning the affairs of a well-known french marquis.
Seems before you were spy of the prison
You spent some time in his employ.
Dare i speak that foul name that they've cursed straight to hell?
Whose unfortunate nephew now sits in a cell.
Would they still let you live if they knew of your bond
With the damned unforgiveable marquis called st. Evremonde?

That card's a nasty threat and very hard to beat.
I'd like to help you out,
And still remain discreet.
But i have such a sinking suspicion you're thinking of breaking him out.
Mr. Carton, i can't do a thing for your friend.
I'm afraid that the debt must be paid in the end.
No such thing as escape from the fate that he'll face.
I'd as soon take my chances and stay within france's good grace.
So play your ace!

I never suggested we would toy with notions of escape.
I never suggested we would interfere with darnay's fate...

Then tell me what you're suggesting?

A favor's all that i'm requesting.
One meeting, one interview.
No tricks, no traps...

No doubledeal?

The last thing i want to do is make him miss his final meal.

Then tell me just what you're after?

If you'll come through for me
My dreams come true for me.
You'll get his blessing!
His bedding!

We'll ask you to the wedding!

I knew it all along
You're just the same as me

A low down dirty snake?

No resourceful!

Now i see?

We're two soul mates from hell doing well
For the thing that we sell fills a need.
And who else did the heavens expect to survive:
With the rest of the world barely staying alive?
Since dishonesty's always the best hand to play

Then i swear not to squeal

And you'll see your darnay

You and i have a deal
For we both know there's no honest way.

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