Everything Stays the Same lyrics - Tale of Two Cities, A

Everything Stays the Same lyrics

Everything Stays the Same

DEFARGE: (spoken) Show me cell One hundred and five North Tower. Quick.

MADAME DEFARGE: (sung) Finally that blessed moment
Finally that dream come true
So many years of pain and want
The weak and the poor
Oppressed by a few

WOMEN: Heaven has heard us calling
Heaven has seen their crimes
Here is the day we've waited for
And now is the best of times

MEN: Now we'll build a better world
WOMEN: Now it's our turn to decide

MEN: Things will never be the same
WOMEN: Now it's up to you and me

MEN: Surely God is on our side
WOMEN: Surely God is on our side

ALL: And He'll help us make the world
The way it ought to be.

DEFARGE: This was in the Doctor's cell
Hiding silent all along
Now at last we have the proof
It was Evremonde

MADAME: This means more than you can know
More than just one doctor's tale
Two young lives lost long ago
All the pain and all the wrong
This will not stay silent long
This will set them free
It will be the way it ought to be.

ALL: (chanting) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death.
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death.
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death.

LORRY: (spoken) Manette! Lucie! What on earth?
LUCIE: (spoken) Charles is here. He's been arrested.
MANNETTE: (spoken) He's been called before the Tribunal tomorrow.
TOWN CRYER: (spoken) Proclaimed: The lives of all aristocrats
returning to France are forfeit to the Republic.
LUCIE: (spoken) Dear God.
MANETTE: (spoken) Don't worry, Lucie. I can save him. I know I can.
LORRY: (spoken) It's not safe in the streets. Let's get inside Tellson's
LEAD STREET PERFORMER: (spoken) King Louis and his Austrian whore -- Marie Antoinette
STREET PERFORMERS: (sung) What happened to tomorrow?
Tell us just who to blame.
Villains may come and they may go
But everything stays the same.

After the Revolution,
After the smoke and flame,
Everyone said that we'd have bread
But everything stays the same.

For the young ones always cry.
And the poor ones always need.
And the sick ones always die.

But there's one thing that is new -
Now it's our decision
Who will bleed.

Come join the Revolution.
Come play the latest game.
Not much has changed
But then again
Not everything stays the same.

ALL: Rising up in the sunlight,
Ready to lay the blame,
La Guillotine will cure every grievance!
Finally a Queen deserving allegiance!
Now comes the dawn we've all longed to see

When we will make this world
The way it ought to be
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