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The Promise lyrics

The Promise

Dr. Manette
There's something in his face.
There's something i don't trust.
A memory i can't place from long ago.
And yet he's been so kind.
To doubt him is unjust.
For lucie's sake i'll put it from my mind...
I must.

Charles darnay
There are no words i know
To say the way i feel.
Words aren't enough to show you i'm sincere.
I've held this in as long as i could stand.

Dr. Manette
Because of me?

Charles darnay
Out of respect.

Dr. Manette
I understand.

Charles darnay
Lucie haunts my heart.
Haunts my thoughts, my prayers, my dreams, my nights, my days...

Dr. Manette
I feared this all along.

Charles darnay
She is everywhere that i turn...

Dr. Manette
What can i do?
I said i'd step aside one day.

Charles darnay
I love her
You share a special love
I swear by god above
I'd never take her love from you...
I only hope to share
In what's already there.
To love you both
And to be true.

Dr. Manette
Does lucie know?

Charles darnay
I've never told her so.
Without your blessing i've no hope...

Dr. Manette
It's up to me to choose
But either way i lose
If she should love him,
I must let her go.
It seems like yesterday
I stood there in his place
When someone meant the world to me...

Charles darnay
She is my world....

Dr. Manette
And someone gave the world to me.

Charles darnay
Give the world to me.

Dr. Manette
If lucie feels the same
You have my blessing sir.
Nothing means more to me than her.

Charles darnay you won't regret this trust.
And to repay your faith.
There is a secret you must learn...
Darnay is not my name.

Dr. Manette
Don't tell me anymore.

Charles darnay
But doctor please you ought to know.

Dr. Manette
If things should go your way
Tell me your wedding day.
For now, be silent,
Please just go.
At least i got her back
If for a little while.
At least i had a little while.

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