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It Won't Be Long lyrics

It Won't Be Long

When people are thirsty, and ready and willing.
Then it won't be long 'til something else but wine is spilling
The butcher is idle, when people are starving
But it won't be long 'til theres anoter kind of carving.
Look into the future, and what do you see there?
And if we do nothing can you gaurantee we'll be there?
Stop calling to heaven, stop praying for answers.
Just know the divinest intervention is the hand of man.
And where does is finish?
Just where is the ending? How far is too far?
When are we past the point of bending?
We eat from the streets now,
We fight for a handout
Which one is more pitiful the trick is how to stand out.
We're not above begging. We're not above stealing.
And pride is a luxury, we're past the point of feeling.
The wealthy get richer, and we keep on waiting.
We learn to keep patient, we've learned to keep hating.
Look into the future, and what do you see there.
And if we do nothing can you gaurantee-- we'll be there
For the things to come. The future dawn, the distant drum.
The cup from which we all can drink-
It's later than the scholars think.
And it won't be long-
It won't be long.
It won't be long.

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