Tale of Two Cities, A synopsis

Tale of Two Cities, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

Little orphan Lucie Manette came from France to England, along with man named Jarvis. The man gave the girl to Miss Lorry Pross – the nanny of her deceased mother. 17 years later, she found out that her father was alive. All this time, Dr. Alex Manette was languishing in a French prison. Soon, the family was reunited. When Alex, Lucie and Lorry were returning to England, they met a young Frenchman Charles. Suddenly, a young man was accused in espionage – people have found papers with the location of the British troops in his belongings. It turned out that this was the work of his uncle's accomplice – Marquis St. Evremonde, who decided to deal with his nephew in this way. Lucie asked Mr. Lorry to hire a defender for Frenchman. The lawyer Sydney brilliantly conducted the case and won. During the celebration of the triumph, drunken lawyer insulted his client and Charles left.

A few months later, a young Frenchman asked Dr. Alex his blessing to marry his daughter. On Christmas, Lucie invited Sydney to dine with her and her father. After a little hesitation, the lawyer accepted the offer. Experienced such care for the first time, Sydney fell in love with the girl. The next day, Lucie has agreed to become the wife of Charles. When the lawyer came to dinner, a surprise was waiting for him – a girl gave him a scarf. Asking Lucie to close her eyes, the man kissed her. Embarrassed, a girl said that she was a bride of Charles. Despite the collapsed dreams, Sydney continued to treat the girl well. After some time, Charles was asked to return to France – his uncle marquis was killed, and the servant, who was under investigation, required the protection.

Visiting Dr. Manette’s house, Sydney spoke about the events that took place before the death of St. Evremonde. The child died under the brougham of Marquis, and his father did revenge to killer. Arrived in France Charles has been immediately arrested as a relative of St. Evremonde. Lucie was shocked that her husband did not tell her the truth about his origins. During the trial on Charles, he was blamed by relation to aristocracy. Accusation also used as proof the diary of Dr. Manette, in which he stated that the St. Evremonde’s family was involved in his imprisonment. The young man could not been saved even by the intercession of his father-in-law. The court ignored the words of Alex Manette and sentenced aristocrat to death. Having learned that her husband would be executed, Lucie has been deprived of desire to live. She was stopped only by the thought of daughter of her spouse, who would be forced to grow up being deprived of both parents.

Sydney Carton has decided to help the young woman to save her husband. He was able to arrange a visit to Charles in the prison. Going to the Frenchman with acquaintance John, lawyer quietly gave aristocrat drugs and then changed clothes with him. Assistant brought practically not staying on his feet Charles out of prison. Soon shocked Lucie received a letter from Sydney, in which he explained that he did not want to leave her daughter without a father. Charles family left France. When the lawyer was led to the scaffold, arrested at the same time with Charles seamstress understood – another person has taken place of aristocrat. The girl appreciated the feat, calling Sydney an angel. Rising at the next step to the guillotine, the man realized that regrets of nothing – his victim was in the name of love, which Lucie opened for him.
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