Reflection lyrics - Tale of Two Cities, A

Reflection lyrics


You were an ass again.
But you’re consistent.
Why should you treat the man like that’
Just because he’s better than you’
He can’t help it.
Apparently, it doesn’t take a lot to be better than you.
So everyone was looking at her
The little doll each hair in place.
She can’t be real;
She can’t be flesh and bone.
No soul behind that lovely face.
And yet that lovely face will haunt you and follow you to bed
And while you’re trying to forget her
She’ll steal inside your head
And she’ll be holding you so close
There’ll be no place for you to hide
You cannot fight her;
You must invite her to come inside
And then you’re dreaming of this woman
And you believe she’s real
Something of tenderness to cling to
That only you can feel
And now the world’s not too unkind;
And every doll’s not made of stone
But when the dawn comes;
And you awaken
You’re still alone
Nothing real
Just a dream
Just a doll
But dolls can be beautiful
They live within a different world
So easy on the eye
But careful not to touch
It wouldn’t do for you
To touch or come to close at all

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