The Tale lyrics - Tale of Two Cities, A

The Tale lyrics

The Tale

Madame Defarge
Wait! I denounce this man!
I and two more:
Ernest Defarge and dr. Manette.

Dr. Manette
I don't denounce this man
This is a lie...

Madame Defarge
It's here in your own words it's here
In black and white.
Words that you can't take back words even you cannot fight.
In the bastille, my husband found
This paper left in the wall written by you, dr. Manette:
This paper explains it all.
How as a doctor in the country,
Called on to aid a girl in need,
Beaten and raped and left to bleed -
Nothing the doctor could do would save her life,
Nor her young brother who fell defending her.
And the two noblemen who had done this crime,
Don't you remember exactly who they were?
How you went that night
To the evremondes
And you found a dreadful sight?
A young woman lay in a pool of blood.
It was clear to you she had put up quite a fight.
Her young brother lay a few feet away
With a sabre by his side.
He had tried in vain
To defend the girl
Armed with little more than pride.

Save my sister sir
She is badly hurt
Save my sister.
Leave me be.

Dr. Manette
She is gone my son
To a better place
She's at peace.
She's free.

She had married for love
When this man with his wealth
Saw her beauty and vowed he would have her himself.
But my sister was pure
And she wouldn't be used.
And her husband protected her
And he refused
You know the law
A peasant has no rights
The master owns your breath.
They took this man
They tied him to a cart
And drove him to his death.
With her man out of sight
These two came for their prize.
Took their turns like a game,
Didn't care what i'd find.
I was there but too late...
Out of sight, out of mind.

Dr. Manette
Be still my son.

That's not the end, m'suier.
I have another sister -
Younger sister
They will never find.
I've hidden her away,
Far, far away from here.
Far away from all their kind.

Dr. Manette
Can i find this girl?
Can i help this girl?

No, m'siuer.
God must help her now.

Is he dead?

Dr. Manette
No. Not yet.

We need to know
You'll never breathe a word
Of what you've seen
Of anything you've heard.
You must accept the fee we wish to pay.
How else can we be certain -
How else can we be sure you will obey?

Dr. Manette
I do not want your money, sir

But you must m'siuer...

Dr. Manette
I will not take your money, sir.

But you don't understand.

Dr. Manette
How can you stand there his blood on my hands?
How can you tell me that i should forget?
I will not rest til the world understands
What you have done here this day.
This time you're going to pay.
I promise you gentlemen
This time it won't go away.

Taken away and sent to the bastille.
Seventeen years he spent in the bastille.
Seventeen years and where was the sister?
Seventeen years and where was the sister?

Madame Defarge
I am the sister that boy hid away.
That was my family the evremondes killed.
I've waited twenty-five years for this day.
Dr. Manette may forget.
Dr. Manette may forgive.
But this one survivor will never let evremonde live.
All those years in the dark.
All those years biding time.
This was hidden away til
The moment was right.
Til the time came to pay,
Out of sight,
Out of mind.

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