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All In My Mind lyrics

All In My Mind

Charles darnay
When i'm alone i hear your voice
Find myself wishing that i made the choice
Who you would love
Who you were thinking of
Then i pretend you think of me
All in my mind, but you think of me
Lying awake i see your face
Find myself wishing that i were this place
Near to your heart
Where you'd come home at night
Then i pretend you come to me
All in my mind, but you come to me.
Should i go on?
Will i offend? Am i to hope i might do more than just pretend?
I've played this scene a thousand times
It turns out well when i'm alone
You say you love me when it's in my mind

Lucie manette
When i'm alone i feel your touch
Find myself wishing you loved me that much all
In my mind, your lips are close to mine...

So many times i hear my heart
Beating so hard that my thoughts fell apart
I'd turn away
Shy of the sound it made
Frightened my love might hear it too
But now my fears are undone.
Our hearts are beating as one.
And what i longed for all in my mind came true

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