There's Me lyrics - Starlight Express

There's Me lyrics

There's Me

All alone
You think you're on your own
You think there's no-one in the world
Who cares for you
That isn't true
There's me

I may not be
The one you want to see
But if you need someone who's kind
Then look behind
And then you'll find
There's me

I'll be near standing by
Never fear
You can cry
In a while
You will smile
And I'll be there to see

By yourself
You have to cry yourself
Nobody else can cry the tears you have to cry
But I will try
There's me

Until then
When you're okay again
You look around find that I'm no longer there
I'll still be near somewhere
You're not alone, there's me
There's always me

I'll still be near somewhere
You're not alone there's me
There's always me
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