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That Was Cheating lyrics

That Was Cheating

Dinah: That was cheating what you did to him there. Wasn't fair!

Greaseball: Hey, come on. We won! Quit that kind of talk you take care.

Dinah: No I will say it. It's just not fair.

Greaseball: Okay that does it. I'm giving you air. Now on, Miss America, go preach at someone new. You race with me. You use my rules. You had your chance you blew it, so we're through!

Dinah: Oh, Greaseball?!

Greaseball: Hi, C.B.

C. B.: Hi G.B. Hey, what a race! What a team!

Greaseball: Shhh! Oh, you mean me and Dinah? Not a team anymore, C.B. She's on her own.
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