Entry of the National Trains lyrics - Starlight Express

Entry of the National Trains lyrics

Entry of the National Trains

This is control. This is control. Tonight is race night.
Let's hear it for the champion engines of the world.

From France the 120mph Sudest.
The power of the Sudest - BOBO.

From Italy - the Rome to Milan Express - the Settebello.
Powered by ESPRESSO.

From Germany - right on time - the Inter- Continental Express.
Powerd by RUHRGOLD.

From Russia - as far as possible - the Trans - Siberian express.
Powered by TURNOV.

From Japan - the Shinkaussen bullet train -
The power of the bullet - NINTENDO.

From Great Britain - battling through the wrong kind of snow
The Royal Train. Powerd by THE PRINCE OF WALES.

British Rail announce a delay in the arrival of the Royal Train.
This is due to staffing difficulties.

And from the US of A - the reigning champion:
The greatest diesel locomotive in history -
The Union Pacific. Powerd by - GREASEBALL.
Last Update: December, 21st 2013

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