I Was Robbed lyrics - Starlight Express

I Was Robbed lyrics

I Was Robbed

Rusty: I was robbed that wasn't fair.

G.B: Oh boy you lost!

Rusty: That C.B he never took of the brake!

C.B: Who me?

Rusty: That he did it for the other two's sake.

C.B: So what?

G.B.: Still don't get you anywhere.

C.B: That's how it goes.

Greaseball: Hey C.B you did that good!

C.B: Wow, Greaseball, Thanks!
Did it look like I was holding him back?

Greaseball + Electra: No way!

Electra: Looked like everything was totally slack.

C.B: Mind you.
After all these years it should.

Greaseball: No one would know.

Pearl: Hey hold on.
Don't tell me that C.B's the reason that he went so slow.

Greaseball: 'Cause it was. He had his order. So now you'll know.

Pearl: I go tell the marshalls!

Greaseball: You're in it as well. They'll only suspend you, if you ever tell.

Pearl: This wasn't how I wanted it.
This wasn't what I saw.
Each time I try it seems that I get further from my vision then before!

C.B: Ten four good buddy
Trust no one on the track!

Rusty: That's the last time I race with you.

C.B: That's right, the rerun is for just those two.
The true real engines.
Big strong engines
Call yourself an engine?
You're no engine!
Ten ? ten never again
You're no engine!
Ten ? seven got no heaven // gone to heaven
You're no engine!
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