Starlight Express synopsis

Starlight Express Synopsis - Broadway musical

Little boy is playing with his children's toy trains, arranging competitions between them. Enters his mother and puts the child to sleep. Further continues the exciting story of the toy trains, already occurring in the dreams of a boy. Between the compositions of various models from different countries will be a racing for the title of the fastest train in the world. All trains have a locomotive and a variety of cars, each of which is a full-fledged member of the musical. Viewers will see passenger and freight cars, buffet car, weapons and cash cars, trains for smokers and non-smokers, and many other cars of different classes, assignments and modifications. Voices behind the scenes will be God of all trains (Starlight Express), murmur of the sleeping boy and his mother's voice.

The current champion is a diesel, which has a team of diesel friends, praising their idol. In the race will even take part a sad steam-locomotive standing on side rails and long dreamed to participate in this exciting event. Gradually, on the stage will appear high-speed express trains from France, Italy, Germany, Japan & Great Britain. The race will begin under the constant supervision of judges. As a new member will be the burst is late – bright and modern – electro train. As a result, in pairs, all trains will begin to compete with each other. Gradually will be selected compounds for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and, finally, for the finals. Left out of the race will be watching for event from aside, communicating with each other. In parallel to the competition, the beholder sees the difficult relationship between locomotives and cars, there will be a place for love and deceit, cunning and devotion. By means of division of trains on classes, viewers will see the unusual, but recognizable allusions to contemporary trends in the world’s society.
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