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Try Me lyrics

Try Me

I have trained myself,
Going shelf by shelf,
And I know every item in the store,
Every tube, jar, box, bottle, carton and container,
Where they are,
What they cost,
What they're for,

Although it's something you have never thought about Mr Maraczek,
Try me,
You need a man who knows the business inside out Mr Maraczek,
Try me,

You need help or I'd have never spoken,
And why break someone in?
when I'm already broken.

In this emergency I wouldn't let you down Mr Maraczek,
Try Me,
Oh I can see by the uncertain way you frown that you ask yourself,
Why me?
For first class clerking and consciencious working,
Mr Maraczek, why not,
Try me.

Alright. This cream is sour. Very sour. Take it back.

You wish to return this jar madam,
Certainly right you are madam,
You say it smells like a drownded cat -
It does at that,
At Maraczek's madam we claim with pride the customer must be satisfied,
The customer must be satisfied,
By the way we have a special sale on autumn heather -
Let me spray some on your hand,
Here we'll smell it together,

(SPOKEN)It has the three elements of good perfume,
Attractive to the nose,
Invisible to the eye,
And fuctional,

(SINGS)My wife has used it time and again,
It's very appealing to us men,
I use it myself every now and then,

I'll take it!

(SPOKEN) Certainly madam. Ah Miss Ritter, (cough) Miss Ritter,

Thats twenty and six for the autumn heather,
Eight and three for the cream,
Thirty two even for that bottle of mermaids dream,
One and three for the eyebrow pencil,
Nine for the large shampoo,
And then for the jar you're bringing back thats four and two for you,
That's a total of ninety eight less four and two for the jar,
Out of a hundred,
Here's your change,
Five and two,
There you are,
the biggest sale in several years I believe,

Thank you madam,
Please call again,
Glad I could help,
Here is my card,
Thank you madam,
Please call again,
Do call again, madam.

I would glady grow a moustache if you like Mr Maraczek,
Try me,
And I would even think of giving up my bike Mr Maraczek,
Try me,

For first class clerking and consciencious working,
Mr Maraczek, why not,
Try me.
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