She Loves Me synopsis

She Loves Me synopsis

She Loves Me Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events described in the musical take place in 1930 in the lovely city of Budapest. It is a warm summer day. Maraczek's Parfumerie waits for new employees. They are: moody middle-aged salesman Ladislav, young deliveryman Arpad, the shy assistant manager Georg, and thirty-year Ilona, having a certain connection with the suave Steven.

Mr. Maraczek arrives at the grand opening of the store, which by that time has collected a lot of interested people. Parallel to this, Georg is exchanging letters with an anonymous woman known to him by a secret name Dear Friend. Wanting to share with others his secret romantic correspondence, Georg shows it to Ladislav. Last is found reading by the director of perfumery Mr. Maraczek. He was sympathetic to what was happening, and in a joking manner advised his manager to forget about the bachelor life.

In just a few months, the shop stood on its feet, significantly increased sales. Much of this was due to the arrival of new worker – good-looking Amalia. The young girl immediately struck Maraczek by her ability to sell items. After some time, the owner of the perfume store proposed her the position of leading consultant.

Winter came, and the relationships between workers have strongly shaken. It all started with a public quarrel of Ilona and Kodaly, which ended in rupture of relations between them. In turn, Mr. Maraczek increasingly began to express dissatisfaction with Georg’s work. Finally, Nowack himself initiated largely pointless conflict with Amalia. Persistent problems at work tired assistant manager a lot. The only consolation for him remained correspondence with Dear Friend. All would be good, but a mysterious stranger turns out Amalia, with which the main character has so often quarreled recently. The girl does not know anything about his friend by correspondence too. In early December, two Dear Friends agree on the long-awaited meeting.

Mr. Maraczek insists that each store employee stayed after work and helped decorate the place for Christmas. Amalia warns boss that she would have to leave earlier, and he lets her. However, at an identical request of Georg perfumery owner refuses. He is shocked, but does not intend to leave the workplace without permission. At this time, Amalia arrives at the appointed place, which was chosen in the city park. To make her partner recognize her, she is holding a copy of the book Anna Karenina and a beautiful rose. Not having time to get on a date, Georg asks Sipos to pass to a stranger his letter explaining the reasons of his absence.

Further events are developing with an incredibly high speed. Gossips, intrigues, secret relationship, general suspicions and even attempt of suicide of Mr. Maraczek – all this takes place within walls of a small perfumery. It is difficult to find in these events at least something good, but they contributed to reconciliation of the protagonists, to resolve the conflict existing amongst the employees. This also applies to Amalia with Georg, who long after found out the fact that they were related in correspondence and finally get to the rendezvous. Men and women have realized that they were soul mates and no minor argument shall be an obstacle to their personal happiness.
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