With All Due Respect lyrics

With All Due Respect

The roar of the greasepaint - the smell of the..
No, no, no, no --

With all due respect, Sir,
I'd like to say a word or three
About the way you're treating me
In front of ev'ryone.

You say I lay about and shirk,
You must take me for such a jerk,
'Cause I do all the bleeding work
While you have all the fun.

Far be it from me, Sir,
To dare to carp or criticize.
I just want you to realize
I don't do this for exercise.

I just want you to see, Sir,
How wicked and unfair it is.
I dunno why, but there it is.
It's more than I can bear;
And, frankly, I object -
That is, with due respect.

Forgive my presumption;
I know that you're a gentleman,
A slightly temperamental man,
A man of intellect.

But I suspect that your neglect
Is largely why my health is wrecked.
No ifs or buts; I hate your guts,
With all due respect.

I don't wish to be rude, Sir,
But ev'rything I do is wrong.
You make me feel I don't belong
Because I dropped off in your song.

Please give me some food, Sir,
A bit of bread and cheese will do
Or maybe just a crust or two,
But something I can chew.
He feeds me once a week;
I'm much too weak to speak.

Permit me to say, Sir,
I've had about enough of it.
I always get the rough of it,
So what could you expect?
You must detect the bad effect
You've had upon my self-respect.

A bleedin' shame,
But who's to blame?
With all due respect.

My mind you have mastered;
You sit there half plastered.
You aren't half a ...
With all due respect.
With all due respect!
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