Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd synopsis

Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd Synopsis - Broadway musical

Boy’s choir appeared on the scene, where on the floor were located multi-colored blocks for the game. Soon there came Sir. Fat representative of a wealthy class was sitting on a cart, heavily laden with baggage, pulled by Cocky and pushed by Kid. Sir said that he is always in abundance on the sunny side of the street, while his servant is in the shadow of a deaf and in hunger. According to the rich person, that is the law of life. Hoping for the best future, skinny Cocky was trying to find an appropriate mascot for him, but none of those that were hanging on his neck, was helpful to the down-and-outer.

Sir decided to make homily to young Kid. Seeing that Cocky was suffering from pains in the abdomen, the rich man switched to him. In his words, he further intensified the suffering of the unfortunate servant. Soon Sir demanded that Cocky took out a huge book of luggage – it collected the rules of life and of a game. The rich man decided to make additions to them. Servant wrote them in the book under the dictation of the wealthy fatty. Soon Cocky must play this game with Sir – even against his will. During the preparation for the tournament, servant in a dream saw a girl and even saved her from an imaginary dragon. Sir did everything to make Cocky play with him. He even embodied in the reality the girl of his dreams. Seeing the beauty, the servant decided to declare his love to her. Agreeing on the game, Cocky lost once again, and Sir walked away with the girl.

When the rich man began to scoff at the servant, he lost control and tried to kill him. But because of the large amount of booze, Cocky had not noticed that he saw a Sir’s mannequin in clothes. When the doll was on the floor, appeared a rich man. He began to weep, saying that the servant had killed his younger brother. Cocky was horrified by the alleged death of an innocent man. He turned to God in prayer. Having received no reply, the servant threw off his mascots and ran away. After the funeral of a fake dead man, on the scene appeared Cocky and began to praise Sir. The rich man took for granted these flattering words.

Soon, they saw a young Negro. Sir graciously allowed Cocky to play with the black boy instead of himself. But the Negro immediately realized that it is impossible to win in the competition, where the rules were established by an opponent – he began to act on his own. Sir decided to change Cocky. While their argument continued, Negro came to the center and won in the game. The servant realized that he, too, could win from his rich possessor. Inspired by the example of other, Cocky ceased to operate by the rules of the master, and also reached the finish line. Sir was not pleased by his victory. Cocky changed places with a rich man to write new rules in the book on the game. Against Sir rebelled not only his servant but also his student Kid. Cocky decided that the old rules should be gone and now the participants must get the same chances for victory in the game. The rich man and the servant wanted to depart, but he could not get away from each other.
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