What A Man! lyrics

What A Man!

What a wonderful feller! What a prince! What a saint!

What a man! What a man!
You are more like a god than a man!
What a prize! What a pearl!
What a wonderful capture for some lucky girl!

That finesse! That physique!
Make a rare combination you don't see
Each day of the week.
It's so chic, entre-nous,
To be friends with a fabulous man like you.

Thank you, Cocky, I don't know what to say, except it's your move.

Ah, what a man! What a man!
Like a statue of Mars with a tan.
You've got brains! You've got brawn!
You were blessed by the gods
From the day you were born.

So polite! Such panache!
Such a style of your own, it's no wonder you cut such a dash!
Never brash - always so!
You're by far the most marvelous man I know.

He's a thing beyond worth.
Without doubt the most outstanding,
Downright and upstanding,
Forthright and highstanding man.

What a man!
Who me? Yes, you.
It's true; I am.
What a man he is! Oh, what a man!
Last Update: December, 08th 2013

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