My First Love Song lyrics

My First Love Song

My first love song -
This is my first love song;
But it takes a poet to make a rhyme.

I'm not clever!
I could never ever
Think of phases worthy of you.
Each endeavor
I may make to sing your praises
May not sound as it should do.

But I love you -
Please believe I love you -
And I'd love the way poets do - to
Bring my love song
And sing my love song to you.

My first love song;
This is my first love song.
No one's ever needed my love before.

You're like I am -
All alone like I am
And in need of someone to care.

Poor like I am -
Like the lonely souls you read of,
You and I, we're a fine pair.

If you love me
I really love you
As you say you love me
I really care for you, dear.
I will be so happy to see you
Bring your love song
And sing your love song to me.

My first love song.
Sing your love song to me!
Last Update: December, 08th 2013

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