Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd Musical Lyrics

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Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd Lyrics

Musical was created by A. Newley & L. Bricusse. The premiere of the show took place in early August 1964 in Theatre Royal. Nottingham was the first city of the British tour. Tour ended in Manchester Palace Theatre, where the play was shown from September to October 1964, under the direction of A. Newley. Musical arrangement was made by G. Lynne. Such actors participated in the show: N. Wisdom, W. Goddard, S. Smith, D. Watling, C. Grant, R. Hutchinson, B. Wells, S. White, J. Goodman & G. Hoyle.

American producer D. Merrick transferred the histrionics in the USA, where in 1965 was a national tour. On Broadway, performance was in May 1965. Preliminaries began in Shubert Theatre in May of the same year, and after 5 days, it was a premiere. The last performance was at the beginning of December 1965 and there were 7 preliminaries and 231 regular performances. Staging was exercised by A. Newley. Choreography was ruled by G. Lynne. The list of actors was the following: A. Newley, C. Ritchard, S. Smith, J. Jillson, G. Price, M. Tannenbaum, R. Bates & L. Browne.

In 1988, a musical was staged in the West End. In 1990, the show was presented in Milburn, state NJ. In December 2002, production took place in NY Sol Goldman’s 14th Street YMHA. The director and choreographer of the musical was T. Mills. The show involved: D. Andrew, D. Edwards, A. Epstein, L. A. Hendricks, G. S. Irving, L. Lebowitz, M. Parris, A. Pisoni, J. Rivers & S. Rosa. At the end of February 1965, the album with the participation of the American tour of performers was recorded. In March 1965, it went on sale. Also in 1965, the recording was made with the cast of the Broadway show. The musical received 2 nominations at the Theatre World Award, winning 1. Also, it was 6 times nominated for Tony.
Release date: 1965
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