Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd review

Roar Of The Greasepaint, The - The Smell Of The Crowd Review - Broadway musical

A. Newley & L. Bricusse decided to create an unusual musical parable about the clash between the British social classes. According to the authors, the action takes place after a nuclear disaster. Performed in the allegorical form of vaudeville, the play revealed the injustice that prevailed in contemporary reality between rich and poor people of British society. The authors of the musical did not possess the music literacy, so they sang the melodies to their friend Ian Fraser, who then wrote them down on paper. The name of the play consists of a converted theater-performers’ phrase – ‘the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd’.

Before a possible show in the West End, it was a tour in the country. British beholders did not appreciate this work, and the musical did not get to the capital. The tour stopped after 2.5 months after the start. Due to the fact that the show was seen by an American producer, it moved to the New World. D. Merrick decided – better to hold first the national tour. Such tactics have brought success to another English musical under his leadership. He also made a recording of the spectacular. Even while touring, the producer succeed to return the money invested by him in this project. Execution by singer Tony Bennett songs from the musical made a play famous even before its appearance on Broadway. Several other songs also became hits in 1965. The producer changed a part of the show for the American public, to make it more easily perceived.

Broadway version enjoyed great success with audiences and critics. Thanks to the highest acting talents of A. Newley & C. Ritchard, the play managed to achieve the necessary atmosphere, which could not appear in the British production. Wit and subtle irony inherent in the musical were greatly transferred by these artists. The audience took the unusual satirical show, even though it was politically backgrounded. Many of the songs of the musical became hits. Subsequently, they were performed by well-known bands and artists, such as Muse, Pussycat Dolls, Barbra Streisand, and George Michael.

24 years after its creation, production eventually reached the West End. But in Broadway musical was no longer represented. In the XXI century, several productions have been carried out, including the histrionics of 2002 in the framework of the program ‘Musicals Tonight!’. Many critics have noted that the musical has not lost its relevance in modern times. Its satire will continue to show the ugly sides of human society, until there will be no social classes that divide people into rich and poor.
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