It Isn't Enough lyrics

It Isn't Enough

It isn't enough to hope.
It isn't enough to dream
It isn't enough to plot and plan and scheme.

It isn't enough to stand here,
Saying that life is grand here,
Waiting for something good to turn up.

It isn't enough to sit here,
Having a purple fit here,
Worried to death the world will burn up.

It isn't enough to hope.
It isn't enough to dream.
I've got a better answer.
I've got a better scheme.

Why not wish upon a wishbone,
Pick a four-leaf clover,
Rub a rabbit's foot and
Throw a horse shoe over
Your lucky shoulder?

You'll find before you're very much older
A bit of luck will come your way.
Now isn't that enough to make your day?
Last Update: December, 08th 2013

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