Lonely Pew lyrics - Reefer Madness

Lonely Pew lyrics

Lonely Pew

The service today was really exciting!
Yahweh was mad, and did plenty of smiting!
With locusts and plagues, and little green froggies
All that and more thundered down from the sky
I reached for your hand like I always do
But beside me was just an empty wooden pew

There's hymnals and a rosary
But they don't keep me company
The wafers now don't taste so great
They won't transubstantiate
Without you near the gospel choir sounds askew
Jimmy, come back and fill my lonely pew!

A gloomy church that you're not in can lead a girl to mortal sin!
A lady asked: "Is this seat taken?"
I lied, I guess! I told her, "Yes!"

I pray a holy shining star will lead you home from where you are
In a fog or lost at sea...or could it be you're tired of me?
It's a line of thought I'd rather not pursue!
Jimmy, come back and fill my lonely pew!
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