Reefer Madness synopsis

Reefer Madness synopsis

Reefer Madness Synopsis - Broadway musical

The year of 1958 is reflected in the musical. The action starts, displaying a strict lecturer, warning the students about threat of marihuana for America. He gives an illustration of his point. First, she shows a pair of happy teens, who lead a normal life, hold hands and prepare for their classes. And then the other side of life at the Reefer Den is displayed. People there are drug addicts.

The story of the lecturer is about a hostess. She has been abused by her boyfriend. She has to stay with him because of marihuana he has. The scene then moved to a teenagers’ hangout. The man with the drugs takes one of the visitors, who appears to be one of the teens from the positive side, to the Reefer Den. That bot meets a student with a maniac laughter and a fallen woman, who pays for marihuana with her body there. The boy soon becomes a bad one, arguing with the parents, hurting animals and doing other terrible things. His girlfriend prays for him in a church.

The boy comes to the church to steel some money. He sees a vision of Jesus, who asks him to give up drugs, but he just laughs at his words. Even a fallen woman tells him to run away, but he does not listen to her. Together they take his girlfriend’s car. The woman kills an elderly man, while driving. The returns the car and asks his girl to forgive him. She does, but he runs away to let her far from troubles. She follows him into the night. The addicts from the Reefer Den get to know about the accident. One of then decides to find this boy to avoid his own troubles. The boy tries to run away and buys a train ticket. The addict finds him and takes back using the lies. The girl asks for the address of Reefer Den from the man working in a hangout. He appears to be of the payroll of people living there. The girl reaches the destination. She is offered to smoke and turns into a sadomasochist. Her boyfriend sees her with the other guy and attacks him. But he gets knocked out. His girl is shot and the gun is put into his hands, while he is unconscious. She finally dies in his arms.

The boy finds out that he is innocent, but nobody helps him and he is arrested. One of the girls from the Reefer Den feels guilty and wants to find peace. She decides to save the boy from the death sentence. Being on an electric chair, the boy sees Jesus once again. The girl comes with the Presidential pardon from Roosevelt. He asks him to warn all the other children about the danger of the reefer. The speech of the lecturer is over. He concludes with a comment.
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