Reefer Madness review

Reefer Madness Review - Broadway musical

The staging is not very extravagant, like, for example, Moulin Rouge. But it has its charm anyway. The original film is a real drama, created to threaten the parents, showing them, what might happen in case their children try marihuana. The musical is a kind of satire on that melodramatic thing. Serious issues can also be found here though.

Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney – the creators of the show, and have already become famous for their work on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Weird Science’. They immediately understood that the original movie was just a perfect material for satire. From the film, they only took the storyline and a character of the lecturer. Then they added exaggerated things, such as cannibalism, Jesus Christ visions, blatant copulations and so on. Both the audience and the critics liked the staging. After getting praise and rewards, it received a chance on Off-Broadway stage. The musical turned to be so fabulous that it received a movie adaptation in 2005.

Tony Kelly, who directed the New York spectacle, made it a bit closer to the original film. He was also a director for “Race”. The actors were good enough. Their acting is convincing. As for choreography, made by Brittany and Carmichael Blankenship, it appeared to be fantastically strong. Giulio Perron created minimalistic, but wonderful decorations, and costume design by Jean Cardinale was fantastic. They not only reflect the time, but also feature the characteristics of the heroes. Look, for instance, at Mary. This heroine is perfectly described by her appearance as a good girl. Such outstanding costumes allowed one and the same actor to play various roles. The cruel hero Jack is displayed as a boss of a reefer with his plain outfit and a gun.

Beautiful songs, written by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney, should be mentioned as well. They contain both drama and giggles. Each composition leads the storyline. The critics still consider the musical to be rather funny than outstanding. But the acting and voices are highly-estimated anyway. The performance gives an opportunity to relax and to laugh. If you want something serious and challenging – this is not for you. But such play will make you relax and enjoy.
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