Act One Finale lyrics - Reefer Madness

Act One Finale lyrics

Act One Finale

To my poor lost Romeo wandering in the night
Your Juliet will find you and make things alright
Though my tears are forming great big salty lakes here
We'll find our long lost laughter and live happily ever after
Like the play!
Hang on, I'm on my way!
I'm on my way!

So Mary drove off and bravely swore
To rescue Jimmy from the devil's door
But before this deadly night was done
Their love would be shattered by a loaded gun!

His trouble's just gotten bigger!
I got my hand on the trigger!
And if it comes down to him or me,
I'll pull it! One bullet!
That's all it's gonna take to blow him away!
I'm gonna blow that kid away!

(Mary and Jack sing their previous verses in tandem during the following)
(Look out, Jimmy!) I am depraved!
(Look out, Mary!) I am enslaved!
(Reefer madness hungers to destroy you!)
Keep runnin'! Keep runnin'!
What will become of her if I choose to stay?
(It will burn your life away!) I've got to run away!

It all began with a reefer bud!
It ends with buckets of human blood!

I'm on my way!

I'll run away!

Blow him away!

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