Dead Old Man lyrics - Reefer Madness

Dead Old Man lyrics

Dead Old Man

There's a story for each wrinkle on your face
There's a dream for ev'ry blessed liver spot
Maybe you fought in the great Civil War
Perhaps you once shook Abraham Lincoln's hand
Who knows?

You're dead, old man
You're dead, old man
Dead old man!

Did a sweetheart used to kiss this weathered skin?
Did these brittle fingers gently stroke her cheek?
Never again will these lips know a smile
This knee you bounced your children upon is drenched with red

You're dead, old man
You're dead, old man
Dead old man!

The wisdom that shone in your aged eyes
I snuffed it out!
Blinded by speed and the reefer smoke
I puffed it out! And in! And out!
And out and in and in and out and out and in and out
Until nothing seemed important anymore!
Not even your sweet life, old man!

Left knackered by a Packard
You bled till dead, old man
Poor dead old man
Dead old man!
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