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Little Mary Sunshine lyrics

Little Mary Sunshine

Little Mary Sunshine with her hem cut so low
Little Mary Sunshine with her ducks in a row
Little Mary Sunshine needs a change in her life
Little Mary Sunshine needs a man

Now come on, Mary Sunshine
It's time that you learned to be bad!
You make a charming armful
So snuggle up, my buttercup, 'cuz you been had

Oh, smoke it, Mary Sunshine
Dissolve in the sweet burning glow
Come lose yourself in pleasure
When the bambalacha's gotcha you'll forget the word "No"

Jimmy's a rube, provincial and dull
Don't be tricked, he's strictly quadrilateral!

Jimmy's a boy, I'm ready for men
Let's go up and down and up and down and down again!
I feel a little naughty!

Baby, I'll help you relax!

I'll tie you up with phone cord
We'll play with whips and nipple clips and candle wax!

Now hold on, Mary Sunshine
Let's not get carried away!

Just call me Mary "Wanna"
And Mary's got some scary little games to play!
I'll lather you up and give you a shave
A paddling while straddling my little slave!
Down on your knees! It's pointless to fight!
Save your strength, it's gonna be a lengthy night!

Ralph, Mary:
Goodbye to Mary Sunshine!
Reefer has blown out her mind!
She's now a hot-hay hussy!

Don't you run! I'm not done!
Can't you tell we've just begun?!
What's your rush? You're not having fun?!

No, I'm really not!

Mary, Mary Sunshine
Burns for, yearns for dirty love!
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