Reprises lyrics - Nine

Reprises lyrics


Guido Guido Contini, Luisia Del Forno,
Actress with dreams and a life of her own,
Passionate, wild, and in love in Livorno,
Singing together all night on the phone...
Luisa (appearing in the distance) Long ago ...
Guido (He does not see her.) Someone else ago, how I need you so,
And I?ve been the last to know it... (He beckons to Little Guido)
Guido... Caro mio ...
Time to go off on my own.
You belong in your mother?s arms.
Each of us in our place, we?ll be fine.
I?ll be forty and you?ll be ...
Little Guido You?ll be forty and I?ll be ...
Guido & Little Guido ...Nine.

Guido gives the baton to Little Guido and watches the BOY
?conduct his orchestra? in a wordless
And nostalgic reprise of ?Be Italian.? As Little Guido conducts,
Guido sees Luisa in the distance and runs to embrace her.
And the curtain falls.
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