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Amor lyrics


Guido-Casanova I, Casanova, have come to Venice (indicating
With my dear wife, Beatrice, mi amore,
Here to take a rest, enjoy the waters and the food,
And be with her, the apple of my cuore.
Mama Maddelena (as ?Carla?-Maria) Casanova!
Guido-Casanova Maria! What are you doing here?
Maddelena-Maria I?m staying at the Hosteleria Caldissima,
Numero venti venti:
Drop by tonight at ten o?clock,
I?ll give you plenty.
Guido-Casanova I can?t believe how my good fortune still
does serve me.
So much romance at hand, i really don?t deserve me.
Guido & Boudoir Ladies Amor, i love them all, every beauty,
Short or tall, there?s a duty
To make love to each and all.
Amor, it?s my profound obligation
To go round every nation
And make love to one and all.
Yes, i have lived and breathed and slept amor.
I freely give and do accept amor.
Big amor, small amor, all my life has been amor.
I?ve always known what i am living for amor
Guido-Casanova But alas, i am distressed by all this beauty
If i must choose but one concubine.

Ladies scream ?Me! Me!?

Guido Get ready for the? next set-up!

All leave to change for next scene. Necrophorus steps

Necrophorus Contini can?t seriously believe we will accept
This fatuous rendering of a seventeenth century
As an excuse for a movie.
No way, no way, no way!
Guido?s Mother (entering) If only Guido had become a
priest or a lawyer,
But no, he makes these films i can?t explain to my

Necrophorus and Guido?s Mother step aside, away from the

Guido (running into place for scene with Claudia,
Maddelena, and La Fleur) Places, places! (Boudoir Nuns
enter. Guido ?shoots himself? as if with a gun,
Claudia-Beatrice Casanova, you must relax.
You will exhaust yourself and soon become too
Look, i have prepared a picnic basket, prosciutto,
And of course your favorite, vino-bianco.

Luisa stares in horror.
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