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Only With You lyrics

Only With You

Being just me is so easy to be when I?m only with you
Open inside and with nothing to hide from your view.
Seems long ago I was destined to know,
And the moment I saw you I knew,
I could be totally happy with no one but you.
Carla (in Guido?s mind) Guido...
Guido Carla! (sings to her)
Passionate night after passionate night I give over to you.
Utterly changed, I?m at each prearranged rendezvous.
Lured by the fire of your endless desire,
I still wonder the way that it grew.
Never elusive; it comes from exclusively you.
Finding a special person we can love is so rare
How in the world can there be two?
Claudia (in Guido?s mind) Guido...
Guido Claudia! (sings to her)
Send me a love that wil mend me with love,
I am desperate for you,
Giving you chase like some goddess of grace I pursue.
Blinded by need, I will follow your lead-
Monkey see, monkey say, monkey do.
Taken for granted, completely enchanted by you.
Small wonder it seems that my life?s made of dreams
And of wishes that never come true.
I wouldn?t be lonely if I could be only with you
(to Carla)...And you?
(to Luisa) ... And you.


First Woman The thing about-Guido is that he makes you feel like you?re the only woman who exists)
Second Woman (without malice) I ran into him once on
Haymarket Street. We?d made love the night before.
He just looked at me and said, ?Don?t I know you?? (The women laugh, knowingly.)
Third Woman ?The Garden of Earthly Delights.?
That?s the first film of his I ever saw.
I?d never seen such passion on the screen!
When Guido kissed Claudia Nardi, well, I almost fainted! Really.
I think it changed my life.
Fourth Woman I believe that?s the first film he ever made.
No one had ever made a film like that before.
It won the Gold Palm at Cannes and took first prize here at the Venice Film Festival.
First Woman (with awe)
I remember thinking on seeing it how beautiful it would be
if we could really live in a world like the one Contini had created.
Fifth Woman (tearfully; deeply moved)
It was filled with such magic-such wonderment!
Sixth Woman (lovingly) We were lovers once, for almost a month.
I never knew anyone who seemed to need me so much.

(Lights fade on the Women, as lights up on Our Lady of the Spa.)

Our Lady of the Spa We were sitting by the fountain at the spa.
For a long while he said nothing, just stared into the water.
Then all at once he turned and said, ?What am I to do??
And I said, without hesitation, ?You must choose.?


Guido As I see it, if we were to shoot the script I have,
we would make maybe a one- or two-million-dollar profit.
HOWEVER! If we delay till winter-snow! ice! -
it?s the environment this film really needs! We?re
talking ten, twelve million profit. Think it over.
I myself can live with the delay.
La Fleur No delay. One million profit is just fine.
Guido (glumly) Right.
La Fleur So. Now. Could you please show me the script??
Guido Unfortunately, I work in a kind of shorthand. If I
were to show you what I?ve done, it would look like a ... a ... shopping list.
La Fleur I see.
Guido But then this is how I work.
La Fleur Your last three films were flops.
Guido That?s only because? no one came.
La Fleur (not amused) Contini, listen. I have advanced you a huge amount of money.
If you are not ready when the crew arrives, not only will I sue you,
But I shall see that you never work again. (Guido chuckles.)
Lina/Leo, darling, tell him what I did to that designer
who double-crossed me when I owned the Folies Bergeres.
(Lina/Leo whispers to Guido. He is aghast.) So. Now.
Who do you have in the cast?
Guido Well, so far, just these four Germans.
Very talented, I think. And of course, I must have Claudia Nardi!
(Claudia comes to him, lies across his lap, seen only by him.)
She?s really crucial to this project.
A vast audience is out there waiting! Hoping! PRAYING!
for us to be reunited again ... On the screen, I mean.
La Fleur I talked to Claudia in Paris.
She told me she will not do your film unless you show her the script first.
Guido Yes, well ... (Claudia starts stroking him.) ... if she would just come to Venice ... (to Claudia) ...
Now is not a good time for this.
La Fleur What?
Guido (back to reality) If she would just come to Venice!
(Claudia starts stroking him again.) I could describe her role for her.
That?s much better than seeing the script. (to Claudia)
Stop! STOP! (Claudia moves away.)
La Fleur Contini, are you all right?
Guido Of course.
La Fleur ... So there really is a script?
Guido Absolutely.
La Fleur Good.
From now on, you will work on it with my new associate producer, Stephanie/Stefan
Necrophorus. She/He writes for Cahier du Cinema under the name Robespierre.
Necrophorus Kyrie Contini.
Guido So you are Robespierre!
Necrophorus I am not an admirer of yours.
Guido I?ve gathered.
La Fleur I thought she/he would bring some objectivity to the project. (to Necrophorus)
Tell him what you think of his work.
Necrophorus I find it visually stunning, but emotionally in ane.
La Fleur You see how helpful she?s/he?s going to be?
Guido It?s staggering. Necrophorus Now.
If you would please tell me what your new film is about, perhaps
I can help you with its plot, which has always been one of your weakest points.
Guido Right. Thank you, that?s very generous.
Let me see, where do I begin? (He ponders.)
At first ... nothing.
(He ponders more.) Then... music! (He sings.) Last Update: January, 27th 2014

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