Nine review

Nine review

Nine Review - Broadway musical

History of Italian director shows how difficult life can be of a talented person, if he does not hold back his own selfishness. 40-year-old Guido Contini began to think about his youth and approaching old age. At the same time, the man began to feel a creative crisis. He agreed to shoot a new film, not even having the idea for the script. The agonizing search of a director faced him with problems in his personal life. His young wife wanted him to pay more attention to her. A loving woman was hoping for care on the part of her husband. Knowing of fantastic desire of Guido to creativity, she realized that it would be difficult for him to focus on their relationship. But she continued to hope for a restoration of the former passion between them.

A trip on vacation has not brought relief to spouses, as there was a lover of the director. The man plunged into a creative frenzy, trying to find an idea for his film. He survived the trip back in time and collided with the women, who greatly influenced his life. If the meeting with the mother of Guido was joyful, the memories of a prostitute on the beach mixed with the memory of the punishment, to which soon the boy has been encountered. And yet, the dance of love of a fallen woman director remembered for a lifetime. Trying to link the past with the present, the man felt true suffering. Fate put him to choose – either art or loving women. Guido remained with creativity, raging in his soul.

The man did not understand that by making such a choice, he would lose those who were indifferent to him. The director realized it only when was left alone. This emptiness could not be filled with any creative impulses. Guido began to realize how selfish his actions were. When a man has admitted that for him there is no longer love, he decided to commit suicide. But the image of a little boy whom Guido was in childhood, did not let him to commit such a sin. Faced again with the beloved, the director realized that not everything is lost in his life.

Beholding of this histrionics immerses the viewer into the inner space of a very creative person. Heavy tests through which the director goes during the action, show how difficult it is to be an ordinary man, who is gifted with own exciting and different vision of the world. Experiencing problems in reality, the man tried to find a solution in the past, but that was wrong. Passing with him through a difficult search in the midst of the crisis, the public can better understand the inner world of the hero. The choreography underscores the most important moments in the life of a director. After seeing this piece, you can behold person experience, who sees own reality.
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