Nine synopsis

Nine synopsis

Nine Synopsis - Broadway musical

Guido Contini is a famous Italian film director. In the life of 40-year-old man occurred a crisis. He should make a movie, the screenplay for which have not been written yet. His 20-year-old wife Luisa required from director to pay more attention to their marriage. Otherwise, she promised to leave him. In the head of Guido were heard women’s voices from his past. They drowned out the words of Luisa. Thanks to the women, he made a successful career as a director, but now he has lost inspiration.

While at the resort, which is located near Venice, Guido and Luisa were trying to save their marriage. There they caught up with journalists who have been asking questions about the personal life of the director and his wife, as well as about the new film of Contini. Man was hiding from his wife that he started to work again, and now the mystery was unveiled. Restless Guido tried to find a subject for a picture. The inner world of man started to mix with reality. In Venice was the mistress of director Carla. The woman started to call Guido. At the same time with the man contacted his producer Liliane La Fleur. She offered to make a new film in the form of a musical. Luisa realized that her marriage with Guido could collapse at any time.

The rich imagination of director again took the images of his past women. The man plunged into the memories of the distant past. He saw his mother, who was washing a 9-year-old child – Guido himself. Director once again met Saraghina – prostitute and outcast – on the beach. After leaving the Catholic boarding school, he, being a curious boy, came to ask her what love is. The answer of woman was dancing, which she had shown on the sand – it accompanied Guido throughout his whole life. And then arose the terrible memories of the punishment in that night by the nuns. When the little boy ran back to the beach, there was no one – just sand and wind. Heart of Guido has experienced a strong hit.

Returning to the present, the director found himself on the beach. Next to him was the famous actress Claudia – she was the muse of Guido. The woman arrived from the French capital, as man needed her. When the director offered her a role in the film, the actress refused. First, Guido could not understand why this happened. Then the man realized that Claudia wanted reciprocity in love – she did not want to be only his muse. But the director could not respond to her feelings with what she wanted. Realizing this, the actress called him Casanova and pushed Guido upon the idea for his new film. She has recognized that the man should go his own way. Inspired, director decided to shoot a film about the women of his life.

In the picture, there was a collision of reality and the creative essence of the creator. In the film, Guido brutally pushed his mistress Carla, when she told him about her divorce – woman was hoping for a future marriage with the director. The man used the words of wife for the picture’s finale. His relationships with women were like shards of broken porcelain. The film was lost, and loving persons left Guido. Carla went with a heavy heart, Claudia sent a letter saying that she is married, Luisa filed for divorce. The man was left alone.

Realizing that he will not finish his film, the director thought about suicide. He was saved by image of a 9-year-old Guido, who would not allow the gun to fire. The boy said that a man must move on and rise above himself. After that, the director got rid of the weapon. There were women from the past, and only one of them was not in front of him – Luisa. Guido felt a void, since he really loved her. This woman's steps were heard in the room. Now the man was ready to talk to his beloved.
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