Getting Tall lyrics - Nine

Getting Tall lyrics

Getting Tall

Little Guido (sings) Guido... Guido... (Guido rises,
looks disgustedly at the ineffective pistol.)
Scraping knees, tying shoes,
Starting school, paying dues,
Finding there?s no way
We can spend a lifetime playing ball
Part of getting tall.

Little Guido approaches the forlorn figure of Guido.

Learning more, knowing less,
Simple words, tenderness part of getting tall.

He sits with Guido

Guido, you?re not crazy, you?re all right.
Everyone wants everyone in sight ...
But knowing you have no one if you try to have them
Is part of tying shoes,
Part of starting school,
Part of scraping knees if we should fall
Part of getting tall.

Little Guido pushes Guido to his feet, gives Guido his
baton. Guido looks to the front, as the people in his mind
-the Germans, the Italians, Our Lady of the Spa,
Necrophorus, La Fleur, Guido?s Mother, Claudia, Carla, the
Nun- enter in turn. When they are assembled in their
original places, he prepares to ?conduct his orchestra??
but sees one empty place... Luisa?s.
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