The Proposal lyrics - Jane Eyre

The Proposal lyrics

The Proposal

ROCHESTER are to undertake the education of the five daughters of Mrs. Dionysus O'Gall.
At Bitternut Lodge, in Connaught, Ireland.

Ireland! I really must object...

Jane, this is best

I don't agree, sir.

Jane, when you're gone
I will miss our walks
Our little talks
The look of sunlight on your face
Soon to be a memory...
Jane, when you're gone
I'll miss your voice
And I'll think of you
Out on the glen
You seemed so like a fairy then...

Such a distance, why so far sir?

Oh, does that perturb you?

It's a long way...

Well, from what, Jane?
Why should that disturb you?
Jane, we've been friends...

It's getting late, sir.

Jane, what is wrong?

I must go in, sir.

Jane, is that a tear that's in your eye?

Yes, it is, and I cry because the pain
Because the grief
Is slowly turning to rage
I'm like a bird upon the brief
Who wishes she were never born into this cage
I know you think because I'm plain
That I feel nothing inside
If I were rich, if I were beautiful...
...then I should think I would make it as hard for you to leave me as it is for me to leave you.
I love Thornfield and I grieve to leave it,
for here I have talked, face to face,
with what I reverence, what I delight in-with an original,
a vigorous, an expanded mind- but I see the necessity of departure
and it is like looking on the necessity of death.

Where do you see the necessity?

In the shape of your bride.

Jane, there is place for you
And Jane, it is here with me
To live in this house
To stand as my wife

What do you mean?

Jane, you are my second self
And Jane, don't you see the truth
That you are the heart of my life?

But what of Blanche?

She's gone, never to return
The gypsy told her that my wealth
Wasn't half of my first claim
And Blanche Ingram, bless her heart
Took the bait, and not my name
I would not...I could never have married Blanche Ingram.
Because my equal is here, and my likeness.

Why did you make me believe you loved her?

To make you jealous.


Jane, to make you as in love with me
As I am in love with you,
Be my wife.
Say my name!


Will you marry me, Jane Eyre?
You mean more to me than life
What's your answer?
Tell me now!
Do you consent to be my wife?
God forgive me, you are not getting away from me!
If I had a string under my ribs
Knotted to you, connecting our frames
I'd be afraid that many a mile
Would sever the tie
And I would take to bleeding inwardly
Are you my savior, are you my saint
Protecting my soul
With communion and light?
Stand as my equal, be my reward
Slay custom and code
With love as your sword
Childish, slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your eyes
I hear you cherished voice
Across the moorland skies
Will I not guard and cherish you
As long as I shall live?
Will I not sanction you
With all the love my heart can give?
And I wash my hands
Of every youthful crime
Defy them all
God will give me time
And you will lead me, blind

Yes, sir. I will marry you.

Childish slender creature
My hope of heaven lies
Inside your precious eyes
I hear you cherished voice
Across the moorland skies
Your youth and spirit
Gentle presence
Flies us up to heaven
Across the skies
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