Jane Eyre review

Jane Eyre review

Jane Eyre Review - Broadway musical

This story is a direct incarnation of the world-famous book by Charlotte Brontë, with the same name Jane Eyre – by the name of the main character. You know, she left the house for quite a big distance at that time and ridiculous by today – about 120 kilometers. From the house, where she did not liked into the house, where she never wanted. The author in her book is rich in details, where the sense of horror and sympathy to the girl mixed in each page when it comes to her first days at school. And the main sensation throughout the book, as well as all theatrical narration, was sorry for her unenviable living. In today's world, this woman, of course, we think, would be an outstanding leader, would have inspired a bunch of women to fight for their rights. But in those times she haven’t receive proper education, could not understand and realize half of own motivating emotions that made up her desire to move forward. And it ended very sadly, again, according to the modern canons – she was the mother of a child from crippled half-blind old man, actually becoming a mother for two of them.

Charlotte Brontë worked at time, when the term "feminism" has not yet been born, and women could not be engaged in any interesting activity, so for her works she took only men's names, for example, Lord Charles Albert. Otherwise, she would not have the opportunity to bring own works to the world. It seems to us that her most famous character is written off from herself, presenting the image of the grown-up Jane girl, and for us seems surreally natural image of her that was captured in a portrait of Charlotte by George Richmond.

Between the book and stage work, it is more in common than difference things. All the main points of the plot are in place: the gothic mood, with the same sullen design of the scene, perverted in their sadism people, who were happily mocked a little insecure girl (Freud cries for their treatment, or a good mental facility), dim glimpses of friendship to soul-mate – a lonely girl from France, which then dies. And, as the biggest event – an affair with her employer, from which she then gives birth. As pointed out by some reputable publications such as The New York Times, the exhibition was carried out in the trailer style, since a large amount of material managed to fit, showing significant milestones, but besides them, everything flashed before eyes. On the other hand, the narrative quality still remains on top, allowing the viewer, even unfamiliar with the book, to become well acquainted with the plot and to immerse into it. Unlike the film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, where the book was mutilated beyond recognition, where all three parts were disgraceful failure in criticism and in the box office and they even wrote, "no one amongst the best people worked on this adaptation."

Incidentally, with regard to film adaptations – there were as many as 25 films in the period between 1910 – 2011 (thus, the centenary even was marked of this novel in the cinema). In the theater and various performances in lots of guises, the spectacle appeared 4 times, not to mention the extensive adaptations – as movies, novels, radio, sequels and spin-offs, making Jane Eyre one of the most popular topics in the world.
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