Sirens (Reprise) lyrics - Jane Eyre

Sirens (Reprise) lyrics

Sirens (Reprise)

What can I do, I feel his love
Would I be judged my God above
If I were to stay here by his side?
Surely there would be no blame
If I do not take his name
I'll have his heart
But I'll not be his bride
And we could sail away
Get lost at sea
Where we could lose ourselves
Where we are blind and free
For as sirens call the sailors
He calls to me
Lord, is this to be my worth?
I pray there was a reason for my birth
Is this what you would have me do?
Break my sacred vow to you?
Destroy the laws of heaven here on earth?

What can I do, I feel his love
Would I be judged by God aboveIf I am not there to hear his call?
Curse the passion,
dim the flameIf I cannot take his nameI cannot take anything at all Oh,
let me sail away
And make this vow
That what my heart wantsI will not allow
For as sirens call the sailors...

Jane, don't you seeNo one is injured
By this breach
Jane, don't you see?
Our spring of life
You are my lifeMy second self
Oh, be my wifeMy little elf
You are my Jane Oh, say my name

He calls me now
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