Children of God lyrics - Jane Eyre

Children of God lyrics

Children of God

Form classes! Silence! Order!

We are the children of God
And we praise His word
We are blind in His love
In His love we will trust
For we are taught that we must

Girls, don't slouch, keep in line
Or my nerves will snap
Do not whisper or breathe
Or I'll show you the strap

Oh, grateful we are for our daily bread
Oh, if only just once it could be instead
Sweet cakes and cottage pie
Food we could identify

I have a word to address to the students,
Here is a girl who is new to our school,
Her name is Jane Eyre,
and she is brought here by her excellent benefactress, Mrs. Reed

I should wish her to be brought up in a manner suiting her prospects -
to be made useful - to be kept humble.
We must punish the flesh
She's prone to deceit
I would caution you not to be
Fooled by her lies

Deceit is a cardinal sin

She knows not the danger she's in

These are the children of God
She will quickly learn
That a child deceitful Forever shall burn

Disciplines are bornTo be humble and suffer
Punish the flesh to chasten the spirit
Purity comes from the pain of correction
The torment of martyrsIs holy and Christian
Starving the body will never extinguish the soul!

We are the children of God
And we praise His word
We are blind in His loveIn His love we must trust
For we are taught that we must
We are the children of God
But we find it queerIf we're really His childrenWhy isn't He here?

Let this teach you!
Let this teach you! Wicked child!
Horrid wretched child! God despises you!

She is depraved
The girl will be watched, sir
Every hourStand very still
All eyes will be watching
Watching a shameful child
Blind in his love
We're charity children
No mother or fatherJust heavenly care
God blesses our soulsAnd yet we despair
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