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Jane Eyre Lyrics

Initial production was on Manhattan in 1995, in the reading mode. In the same year, the musical’s development was carried out in Kansas, where the main role went to amateur actors from the local population, and only a few major actors came from the Big Apple. These two productions have received some success, which has allowed the organization of the subsequent transfer of the musical on Broadway. Premiere as a full-fledged piece of the spectacle was held in 1996 in Canada, and only after 3 years in California were the first pre-Broadway shows. It was also decided that the original star command of 30 people was too big and was decreased by 11 people.

In 2000 only the Broadway saw the histrionics in Atkinson Theatre, but the show had a mediocre success and closed after 240+ performances, if to count with preliminary ones. M. Schaffel, who was depicting Jane, received a Drama Desk Award, among others rewards, for her play. In the creation, such people were involved: J. Caird with S. Schwartz both directed & produced, J. Paterson was responsible for choreography, J. Napier – sets & props, A. Neofitou – wardrobe, J. Fisher with P. Eisenhauer – light. Famous Alanis Morissette partially saved the musical from the imminent closure, when she bought tickets at USD 0.15 million, giving them out to the poor, but this prolonged the date of closure just for 2-3 weeks.

Among the subsequent production, worth noting one in 2005 in Maryland College Park, which was greeted quite warmly by critics. The show came to London in 2007, for 1 month, staying at Jack Lyons Theatre, where M. Ryan was a director, with J. O. Edwards responsible for music. The revised version was performed in 2008 and 2009, both cases as regional formats.

Original production on Broadway has received such awards: Drama Desk in 2001 and 4 Tony nominations in the same 2001.
Release date: 2000
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