Through the Looking Glass lyrics - Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure

Through the Looking Glass lyrics

Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking glass we go,
Searching for the way things used to be,
All the things i used to know,
When my heart was young enough to see,
Through my own reflection
Past my inperfection
Theres an eightsquare waiting,
No more hesitating.

Through the looking glass we go,
Where the world is in reverse,
And the ending always starts a new beginning,
Through the mirror even though,
Things may go from bad to worse

Close your eyes and learn to believe,
so we can pass,

Through the Looking glass.

Here we come so clear the deck!
Bombs away, then look out below

I am such a nervous wreck
Don't know up from down or friend from foe

Fear will make you braver,
Brave enough to save her,

Okay you and me then,
Get set one, two, three and..

Through the Looking Glass we go,
Where the front is always back,
And whats left is right,
And sometimes wrong is right,
Through the mirror even though,
Night is day, and white is black,

As my crazy life begins to approch,
Critical Mass!

Through the looking glass,

Reach the eightsquare alice,

Then we'll storm the palace
Won't we,

I'll be back,
The hoard i'll pull my weight,
My sword is gone,

Never mind that right now,
We'll just wing it some how,

Yes but what!

I don't know

Ready, set now, let's go,
Through the looking glass we go,
Does the opposite of me,
When the towers ours,
all the counter-clockwise,
Through the mirror even though,
Those two people that we see,
Look exactly like a virgin of us,
About to crash!

Through the looking glass!
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