Love Begins lyrics

Love Begins

Alice: Oh no, are those butterflies I'm feeling?

Jack: I guess I could settle down some day.

Alice: Although he is really quite appealing,
In a silly sort of Wonderland way.

Jack: Seems like that I'm always thinking of her.

Alice: Who cares if I met him yesterday?

Jack: Seems like probably I'm sure I love her.

Both: So I guess it happens just like they say.
Love begins,
Like a whisper.
Then it grows into a roar,
Until you simply can't ignore it.
There's no way
To conceal it.
And you know it when you feel it
'Cause I know it feels like this
When love begins.

Jack: What good is a hero under fire,
Unless there's a lady who will care?

Alice: What use is a streetcar named desire,
If the happy ending never gets there?

Both: Love begins
From a distance.
Then it's close enough to touch
Until it's suddenly too much.
When love begins,
It's a wonder,
An enchanted spell you're under
That you hope will never end.
When love begins.

Alice: Listen for the hush,
Right before the rush
Of it moves through your heart.

Jack: Let it come to you.
Nothing you can do.

Both: Except let go and let it start.
Love begins
When it wants to.
You can't tell it what to do
Or who it ought to happen to.
When love begins
It's like magic
And it takes your breath away
And makes you pray that it will stay.
When love begins.

Alice: Oh yes, those are butterflies I'm feeling.

Jack: I guess I could settle down some day.
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