The Mad Hatter lyrics

The Mad Hatter


Well, hello there, it's me
With how it's gonna be.
Settle down, and listen up good.
The old hatter is gone,
But the hat must go on
Worn by me. Is that understood?
So shut up and tow the line
While I redefine
How this all will be mine.
I have a dream.
It's got a full head of steam.

What is true, what is not
Can both change in a shot.
People, me, I couldn't care less.
Cause in two seconds flat
Living under my hat
Is the strategy for success.
I will look the other way
When you want to play
Something more than croquet.
You catch my drift?
A little personal gift.

I'm the mad hatter.
Come and follow me, this is it.
The mad hatter!
All you've gotta do is submit,
And if you don't, my friend,
Well, then in the end
There'll be nothing left to defend.
Know what I mean?
When you are facing the queen.

Upper cased, double spaced,
Everyone gets a taste
And a brand new leather hat band,
But to participate,
Let me reiterate,
You must first put me in command.
I'm the wonder, understand,
Under Wonderland.
Put the reins in my hand.
I'll do the rest,
As soon as you've acquiesced.

I'm the mad hatter!
Offerin' a little bit more.
The mad hatter,
Givin' you what you're looking for.
I am your best worst case
For the choice you face.
I'm the fastest rat in the race.
It's me or the queen
And her serene guillotine.

There is nothing I won't do.
There is nothing too taboo.
I will lie. I will cheat.
I will track you down and then hit delete, tout suite.
So, sweet, let me repeat

I'm the mad hatter!
Pledge allegiance while you still can!
The mad hatter,
More than just a hat with a plan.
I am where you belong,
The right kind of wrong,
And I'll still be going real strong.
The bottom line
Is everything will be fine.
As all the planets align,
It's gonna be so devine
When all of this will be mine!

Last Update: June, 05th 2014

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